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Standard solutions require standard problems. But is every problem standard? Custom made suits suit better don't they? If you have situations where you think you need custom made software then we are the perfect partner. We develop applications for affordable prices. We take care of installation, maintenance, and if required, (web) hosting. Also we create CMS solutions based upon E107. And what's more, for this you don't need to go to cheap countries like India. We speak English, we have European mentality, and our people will try to put themselves on the usersbench, think with you and create a for you a perfect working situation. With Aducom Software, your wish is our command. Our motto is 'Working Solutions'. Need to find out more? In our port-folio you will find some examples. Of course you can get into contact with us too. Without any obligations.

hclogo.pngAducom Software is specialized in system development projects for health care, middle sized and small companies. We use the most modern development tools and methods. We have developed a electronic dossier toolkit. With this kit it's very easy for us to develop i.e. medical based dossiers (EPD) fast, safe and scalable.


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