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front and backend

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Im new to scriptcase and i would like to know the best way to organize security with front end (visitors) and backend ( administrator and a lower level to manipulate forms).
What would be the way to get those different URL as well as menus and forms/grid with different capabilities and shown fields
Thank for your advises

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As useually the main anwer is 'it depends'. If you need two separate logins to hide the backoffice from the front office then you need to make two separate applications. But you don't want two separate authorisation modules. What you can consider is to add a new field to the usertable to set if the user is a superuser which is required to logon to the backoffice.
You can also use the default authorisation module of scriptcase. The groupwise module is very complex if you need to deploy that to your customers. I find it very difficult to maintain all kinds of access of each and every module within loads and loads of checkboxes. I also don't recommend field level security which requires a lot of customization.
We have created our own usergroup level security. It's based upon the way SC generates, but removed a lot of the checkboxes. If a user is allowed to enter and insert, he/she's also allowed to update (and delete if applicable). We have only two rights: access and maintain, not access, insert, update, delete, pdf etc. etc.,
You question is very generic so it's difficult to give a thourough answer, but I hope this answer gives you some things to hold on to.

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