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Getting access to scriptcase examples

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I am currently "fighting hard " with N-N relations in scriptcase, mainly to be able to add attributes in the link table. (adding roles and infos attached to each relation)
The current N-N wizard just allow for basic (ex: add a date or null or a value from a field) and non relation dependant information) and appear to be very basic.
BUT, looking at the recruitment tracker example, I realized that this is the exact mechanism I am looking for !
I am very frustrated since I did'nt find a way to access the source of this example and my scriptcase tool just contains a bunch of basic samples....
Is there a way to get access to sources of this example ????? There certainly is a way since showing results but not sources can't be just killing for scriptcase success (my opinion)
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I'm not sure which version of Scriptcase you are using. The recruitement tracker is a standard sample in SC8 and you can create a new project using this template.
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Thank... I feel a bit surprised as it is obvious!!! bur now as much as it appears.
Anyhow, I am now wathing at this application but it does not really use the concept of link tables (also known as n-n)
But, hopefully, I found the "new" editable report which is almost a must to use for N-N !!!
=>create such a form (based on your link table) and insert it as "detail" of the master /detail form. You will be able to manipulate eack link and also each of attribute you set on the link (such as "role" of the link).....
In short, I at least found a nice way for N-N

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