In maart zullen we weer bij voldoende belangstelling een webinar organiseren over Scriptcase. Scriptcase is een soort digitale lego waarmee veel sneller dan traditioneel webapplicaties kunnen worden gemaakt. De programmeertaal die gebruikt wordt is PHP. De voor en nadelen zullen aan bod komen, maar ook de (on) mogelijkheden. Belangstellenden kunnen zich kenbaar maken door een mail te sturen naar support@aducom.com. De voertaal is in principe Engels, maar bij voldoende belangstelling Nederlands. 

Demo Scriptcase

When there's enough interest we will organise a demo in the Groningen area Netherlands. Please send an email to a.drent at aducom.com.

Scriptcase is a php development tool which can decrease your developmenttime significantly. For php coders a must have!

Tutorial video's online

The best way of learning scriptcase is to look at how things are done and then doing it yourself. We have started to upload the first tutorial video's. Our approach might be a bit different. We are creating applications from scratch and let you follow that. This way you will end up with a fully working application and learn all kind of tricks.

The first tutorial video will be about creating a Personal Document Manager. At the end of the series you will be able to store all kind of documents in Scriptcase and have fast access to it. The video's are meant for people who are not very familiar with Scriptcase and have a very basic level. However, when the series continues the level will increase to a more advanced level.

Another serie in progress is the development of an invoice application. This will become a pretty advanced application where customers can logon and pay their invoices by using pay-pal.

The video's are free to follow, customers who bought their licences through us can obtain the tutorial project source at a discount or even for free.


As of today we are reseller for Scriptcase. Scriptcase is a highly productive PHP generator with a pretty low learning curve and great flexiblity. Case tools static and full of limitations? Not with Scriptcase!
Aducom Software provides additional support for those who needs it. Need licences? Through us you can obtain a coupon code which will give you 3 months of free Scriptcase support by Scriptcase. In addition to that we offer extra service:
- Free access to our 2 hour introduction course webinar, English or Dutch spoken. The course will be scheduled once a month, or more often depending on the amount of new subscribers. The time will be based upon CET as we concentrate our services on the EU countries.
- Free access to our customer pages where we will collect all kind of tips, movies, how-to's etc.
- Discounts until the expiratondate of your licence on additional services to be found on this website like enhanced support, courses etc.
As we are starting up starting today, we will offer 1 year of access and discounts starting from the day the services are available.
(You can request for a coupon by sending an email to sales@scriptcase.eu containing your company name, contact person, contact data like your email and address).