art_01.jpgOn this page you can find our own Scriptcase SOAP videos. These video's are made for a mixed audience of novice to experience Scriptcase users.

Applicationexperience level:
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Personal Document Manager

The personal document manager will allow you to store your digitized documents in Scriptcase. These series of movies will start at a novice level but will increase on each episode. It covers a lot of functionality of Scriptase. Users who have registered their Scriptcase licence through us can download the samples from our customer area.
Episode 1 (ca. 5min. level *)

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This episode shows you the very basics of Scriptcase. You will see how to create a database outside of Scriptcase and use Scriptcase to define a table with the database builder. Then it will create a simple form for uploading documents.
At the end of this episode you will have a simple form which allows you to upload digitized forms.
Episode 2 (ca. 5min. level *)

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This episode will show you how to create a simple grid showing all uploaded documents. Then it will make an application link from the grid to the detail form. Also it will show you how to create a similar link using a modal form (popup). Finally the form will be put in a very basic menu application.
Episode 3 (ca. 5min. level *)

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In many applications the database tables needs to be changed. In this episode we are going to enhance our documentstable with the fields documentclass and documenttype. Also we are creating two new tables for the class and type and use that as a lookup in our documents form. If you don't know how the database builder works then look at episode 1. The creation of the additional tables is covered in a very minimalistic way. Next we will adjust the menu. At the end of this episode you will be able to synchronise a table with scriptcase and create lookup fields (dropdown).
Episode 4 (ca. 5 min. level *)

In many situations it is necessary to sort data. In this episode we will sort an editable grid list as well as a lookup list. Since a lookuplist by default shows the first value we are showing how to change that behaviour and display a string like 'enter value'.Next we will add a nice logo to our menu and show how to start a default application. Finally we are going to make our first changes to the toolbar.