Customer support

There are two ways of customer support. You can access the free and open forum to be found in the menu. Be aware that this is a user community forum and not necessarely monitored by Aducom Software. The premium support allows entering the formal Aducom Support help forum where you can expect to get answers as soon as possible. Where we cannot find of solve the issue we are in narrow contact with the Scriptcase developers.
At all times you are invited to visit the Scriptcase main site which can be found here. Be aware that Aducom Software is an independent company. We promote the use of Scriptcase as we are an intensive user of it. Our goal is to create a large user community which benefits us all! Because we are independent we can merge our efforts and to be a single strong voice to the Scriptcase developers. Let our voice be heard!
Besides technical support Aducom Software delivers educational services to (new) customers. If you have bought the licences through us you will have discount on our premium services.