Scriptcase is an initiative of Aducom Software Netherlands. Our main business is to develop software applications for small and medium sized companies. We also deliver consultancy and educational services for Scriptcase, and are an official reseller. We have currently customers from EU, USA, Canada and Australia. Our supported languages are Dutch, English and German.
Our main goal is to promote Scriptcase as much as we can.

business_11.jpgScriptcase Forum
If you are a (new) Scriptcase user then you can consider to create an account on our free and open Scriptcase forum. This forum is intended for all questions related to our activities and isseus that cannot be discussed on the official Scriptcase forums. 
business_15.jpgVideo tutorials
In our videos section we have started our own Scriptcase soap. This is a series of short videos of max. 5 minutes who will show you how to build applications. Currently we are creating a personal document manager. It starts from scratch and is very suitable for novice users. But on every new edition the level of the material will increase. So if you want to follow the series then please go here.
business_20.jpgCustomer Connection
Customers of Aducom Software can find the customer pages here

Introduction to Scriptcase