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Why Aducom Software?

Aducom Software is a legal company, registered in the Netherlands. We have over 40 years of experience in all kind of system development. Currently we have customers world-wide, like, Australie, New Zealand, USA, England, Germany and Netherlands. Our flagship is PHsPeed, a low-code, component oriented RAD PHP Development environment. Check it out!

Our Services

We specialize in system development, and provide services for development in Scriptcase and PHsPeed

System development

We develop (turn-key, web) applications in PHP and use the best tools to make custom development affordable. We also provide support for tools like Scriptcase and PHsPeed. In our system development we use modern methods and technology to provide you the best service possible. We are pro-active and are not 'just doing what is told'. We think with you, signal design flaws, discuss with you and try to deliver the product as good as possible. If required we can host the application on our servers. Why not try us? We'll be glad talking to you. With customers all over the world we are used to deal with time tables. Let's skype!


We are the producer and seller of 'PHsPeed'.
PHsPeed is a development tool for building responsive PHP web applications based upon Bootstrap (mobile first!). PDO (database independent) and JQuery. It's a great tool for creating prototypes and also provides the best tools for professional development, like php and javascript debugging. The most important of all is that it's a low code platform, that is component based. The development comes close to visual tools like Delphi or Visual Studio


We are reseller and gold partner of Scriptcase Brazil.
Scriptcase is a great tool for building generic webapplications. It's mobile capacities are a bit limited compared to PHsPeed, but it's a development system that runs under the browser which makes it great for team development. It's development if mostly menu based, but there are tons of video's to get started.

Want to get started with us?

We sure want to work with you. If you are in search of affordable system development, licenses for PHsPeed or Scriptcase, don't hesitate to contact us.