In our system development we often had the need of speeding up system development. As a lot of projects require data to be moved from the screen into the database and visa versa, we started creating tools that made this more easy. Over the years the system grew, and people around us asked why we did not make this environment commercial and sell it to the public. As the product was good for us, it simply didn't mean it was already good for the market. A few years ago we decided to go all in, and used a lot of resources to make it happen. The result is a visual php development environment, suitable for corporate projects, for prototyping with end-users to in-depth development for core developers. It fits in the current modern agile approach.... And we're proud of it.

is it already available? Well... almost. Currently the product is being tested world-wide. We're busy creating documentation, instruction videos etc. We're in contact with a payment provider so that we can sell legally world-wide. We're working on our customer support. And we will release when it completely ready. As Aducom Software we have one simple statement. Working Solutions!. The is never a second chance for a first impression. We do it well, or we don't do it at all!

Why use PHsPeed?

If you are not a developer, you can reduce costs, because the basic prototype development can be done without programming.
If you are a developer, you can reduce costs, because you will reduce your development time significantly.

Interested?